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About Prospect Business Association

In 2014, due to the overwhelming blight, dilapidation, food desert, health disparities, sparce local business operations, housing inequities and the overall community outcry, redevelopment along the Prospect Corridor was reignited. Simultaneously, a group of ten subsisting local businesses formed a consortium. The consortium was formed to create partnerships, discuss concerns impacting their businesses, and address community needs. In the month of October 2015, the Prospect Business Association was established. What began as an grassroots volunteer initiative, has grown organically and rapidly. The simple consortium of ten local businesses has now grown to 169+ members.

Support Group
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Our members are comprised of various businesses and entrepreneurs spanning all industries. Membership not only includes local businesses, but various businesses throughout the greater Kansas City area who have an interest aligned with the PBA vision, which is to build a healthy community and a more vibrant Kansas City through business, economic and community development. We look ahead to the continuous implementation of our strategic initiatives within the Prospect Corridor area where individuals can live, work, and play. PBA looks forward to the progress, ongoing transformation of the community, and a thriving Kansas City.

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PBA is the portal by which entrepreneurs within the Urban Core, specifically black-owned businesses, through  our Business Development Training Program, receive business consulting & coaching, technical assistance, workshops/training, mentorship and access to a plethora of resources, supports and linkages. Additionally, PBA facilitates partnerships for businesses to more easily access financial resources needed for business viability. Resulting in the transformational outcomes of (1) business stability, retention and/or expansion, (2) employment as well as (3) financial security.

Technical assistance is provided to businesses through our Business Development Program by our consortium of partners, business development professionals, and experts to support businesses with incorporating, accounting, legal services, marketing strategies, business development skills, technology, and recovery planning.

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Due to the Covid-19 outbreak PBA is providing Business Development Training services to all businesses seeking and needing assistance. The aggressive effort of PBA and our strategic partners is vital to the longevity and viability of an entire business community.

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City Business Meeting

"Don’t go where the path may lead, go where there’s no path and leave a trail." 

                            - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our culture is one of innovation, collaboration, transformation, diversity and productivity. PBA works to solve problems so all Kansas Citians can enjoy success. Our four strategic initiatives are (1) Business Development, (2) Community Engagement, (3) Advocacy (4), Economic and Community Development.

All Hands In

And PBA is doing just that!

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