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Meet Our Staff


Simone Curls

Executive Director

The Executive Director, Simone Curls, is a Kansas City native. She has over fifteen years’ experience owning a business consulting firm in Los Angeles. From that experience, she assisted businesses’ start-up, scale-up, provided one-on-one business consulting, conducted workshops and training. She also worked with various partners, community-based organizations, and public and private sectors to provide resources and support. 

Audra McLeod’s background includes nonprofit management,
leadership, finance, marketing, and public relations. She is successful
in helping entrepreneurs and business owners by providing them with
mentoring, counseling, and technical assistance for continued growth
and sustainability. Her proven track record can link individuals,
entrepreneurs, and small business owners to resource partners in the


Audra McLeod 

Business Development Specialist

Brandon Azim has a Bachelor's Degree in electronic journalism from Southern Illinois University - Carbondale. He has worked in television, radio, and social media for five years and spent the last two years here in Kansas City. Brandon is familiar with the businesses Prospect Business Association collaborates with because he grew up blocks away from the Prospect Corridor. He brings his storytelling artistry, and ingenuity regarding web design and promotions to the Prospect Business Association team. Brandon told Prospect Business Association,“ I’m glad to work for Prospect Business Association because they guide minority-owned businesses, which helps keep them afloat in these rough times.”.


Brandon Azim

Marketing/Social Media Specialist

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